Amber Telecom

Amber Telecom was founded in 1996 by John Amber but because the name was already in use in other countries Amber Telecom became Amber Telcom in 1998.

The first venture by Amber Telecom was a provider for adult premium rate telephone numbers which proved to be very successful.

John soon realized that he was entering a business that had already peaked and with this in mind he searched for an evolving market for which he could develop.
Amber Telecom

Then came the idea…

Amber Telecom were being contacted by some of their premium rate telephone number holders inquiring to see if they could advertise on the internet.

The internet was still a new advertising media in December 1996 with just 36 Million users against estimated figures of 2.6 Billion users in March 2014.

John and his team looked no further and after some initial experimenting with basic web page design they were soon on the road to change Amber Telecom to an Adult Turnkey Website Provider.

A “turnkey website” is simply a  fully functional website that has been completely setup and ready to accept visitors.

The buyer pays for the site and “turns the key”  or “starts trading”. by opening an online business — hence the name “turnkey.”

Amber Telcom Adult Turnkey Websites include a domain name, web hosting, a marketing plan, products to sell, shopping carts, coding, images and a lot more.

There are several reasons people buy turnkey websites, including:

Amber Telcom

Amber Telcom


  • Most people purchase a turnkey website to start making money online. For some, it is a great way to learn internet marketing.
  • Some people are new to making an online presence, and a turnkey website offers them the ability to get online quickly and effortlessly.
  • Many wish to add a specific niche website to their growing online portfolio, yet don’t have the time to create the website.
  • Others wish to buy the turnkey website, work to promote it, increase visitors and income, and then sell it for a huge profit.
  • Amber Telcom with their extensive experience and time within the adult Industry will build you a unique turnkey website so you too can step in and start earning money.

It was now 1998 and Amber Telecom became Amber Telcom with the launch of their first business website soon to be followed by as a mirror site in case of down time and in those days there was quite a lot of internet server disruption.

In August of 1998 Amber Telecom traded as Amber Telcom to avoid confusion with another company using that name but even today people still search for us through search engines like Google by using our original name.

Amber Telcom is proud to be the original and longest trading provider of Adult Entertainment Turnkey businesses on the internet with unbeatable quality, prices and options.

To see how far they have come in 18 years of trading and how they can help you make money from the adult industry just follow the link to their website Amber Telcom

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